Whether you are an amputee, paralyzed or have limited mobility, how do you observe yourself at night in your dreams?
If you were born, for instance, without the use of your legs, then obviously the sensation of putting one foot in front of the other is completely foreign. But as you lay snug in your bed, do you see yourself running or dancing? I don’t mean to joke or make light of this at all. I just think of this now and again, and its not really something you can discuss too easily with a person with a disability.
I am interested in this phenomenon because I have been in a wheelchair now for about 9 years as my Multiple Sclerosis has wheedled its way further into life. First I had a limp, then a worse limp, then, I was tripping and losing my balance. Next my hand and arm gave up, leaving very little function. Yet, in my dreams I find myself hiking with my Dad, riding a bike, doing cartwheels, grooving on down to my fave music, or just strolling around the mall with friends, clutching bulging bags of girlie goodies. How can this be? Perhaps my sleeping brain could please tell my waking body “There’s nothing wrong with you. Get up off your lazy behind”.
I know, it doesn’t work that way unfortunately.
There is a part of my brain that is in blissful ignorance of my physical condition, I suppose. My nocturnal brain in sweet denial ha ha…
an additional odd phenomenom is that to this day when I browse online at clothing, I still imagine what a sweater or pants would look like when I’m standing up! It’s only recently dawned on me that I need to buy longer jeans to avoid looking like my pants shrunk in the wash.
I wonder if I am alone in my delusions. My subconscious conveniently blocks out the fact that I am now sophisticated sitting girl, not standing, strutting my stuff, girl anymore.
I would be interested in others observations on the topic.