'Celia Sea-Horse'

Did you know there are 35 species of Sea-Horse? They are classified as bony fish, have gills and rather pathetic fins, so are poor swimmers and often die from exhaustion!
These delicate little creatures dwell in tropical waters, and vary in size from one to fourteen inches. They constantly munch on plankton and crustaceans as they have no stomach! Wow, they must be hungry all the time!
Truly unique is the fact that the male carries the young! I like that! The female inserts the eggs into his ‘brood pouch’ where he fertilizes and then delivers them several weeks later. I forgot to mention they have an elaborate courtship dance in which they entwine tails and sometimes change color. They mate for life which can be up to five years.

A group of Sea-Horses is a called a ‘Herd’.

I hope you like my “Celia Sea-Horse’ recycled metal artwork.