Black Bees, Compost and Rocket Stoves

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Reminds me of my native UK!

Bealtaine Cottage ~ The Oldest Independent, Permaculture Smallholding in Ireland! Conceived, Designed, Planted and Worked by One Woman!

Blue table on veranda at bealtaine cottageNasturtiums, Lobelia, Petunia, Sweet William, Perlagonium, Valerian and Night Scented Stock are jostling for space near the back door.

Roses lead the way to the new orchardAbundance reigns supreme in the gardens, as seen here in these lovely old-fashioned roses that lead the way up to the new orchard.

Bee with a black bumBees are in a frenzy over the Cotoneaster.

This is a strange bee with a black bottom half.

Black beeThe black bit appears shiny.

strange beeDo you have any idea what kind of bee this is?

cotoneaster in full bloom at Bealtaine CottageAll this buzzing guarantees lots of food for the birds over winter!

Bee on cotoneaster at Bealtaine CottageAnother lovely bee working hard here at Bealtaine Cottage this evening.

Cotoneaster and Dog daisiesThe evening is very still and warm…perfect for all the insects that work in the gardens.

Raised Potager Beds WorkshopLots of stone and wood piled up and ready for the workshop tomorrow.

These beds are very abundant and productive, considering the shallow depth and intensive planting…the weather is promised good for tomorrow!

Lysimachia Punctata in full bloom todayLysimachia Punctata…

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Mama’s Pumpkin Thoran

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Love Indian food!

RAINFOREST-This is an experiment for me.

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RAINFOREST-This is an experiment for me. A small piece of serrated metal dragged through lines of color, some brush work and addition of vertical chains. It made me think of what a thunderous downpour must look like in the multi-colored rainforest, when viewed through glasses which are spattered with raindrops. A neighbor donated the gold frame. It really looks a lot richer in person!
While playing with color the accompanying poem came to me.


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A Poem

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The Spell
By Clare Willson


Instruments prepared.
Her stained fingers hover.
Wrist flex motion right to left.
Melody washes over a soft lilac hue,
followed by a concerto of palest mint,


frost pink rhapsody soothes.
Polka dots waltz before
a riotous ruby crescendo
sweeps brisk, upward strokes
to the vibrant finale.


Smiles, lays her brush down
and surveys her work.
Color dances beauty over canvas.
Magic woven, she is unclear how.


Ebony Beauty

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Hollyhock Heaven

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Hollyhock Heaven

Inky taffeta, cream velvet bodice.
Ball gowns waltz higher and higher.

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